Monday, February 23, 2009

SOA Live Demo - Web Services

Download the source codes from here.

Requirements - Java Development Kit, NetBeans 6.5, GlassFish v2, Visual Studio 2008, Internet Information Services.

Follow the below steps to get the projects running in Java and .NET Environments. There are four projects in the download archive - Palindrome_WebService, Palindrome_Java, Palindrome_JSP and Palindrome_J2ME.

Open the downloaded projects (Palindrome_WebService, Palindrome_Java, Palindrome_JSP and Palindrome_J2ME) in NetBeans 6.5.

The Palindrome_WebService project has the source code for the web service. Deploy it in GlassFish.

The Web Service can be tested by a built-in Web Service tester of NetBeans/GlassFish. The tester gives the method parameters and return values, along with the request and response SOAP messages.

This Web Service can be hooked to a Java client with a GUI. Open the Palindrome_Java project and run it.

Similarly, the Web Service can be also used in a JSP page. Open the Palindrome_JSP project and run it.

The Web Service can also be used in a J2ME mobile device. Open the Palindrome_J2ME project and run it.

All these projects are primarily implementations of Java. However this Java Web Service can also be connected to an entirely new language (if it has XML support). Open the remaining projects from the downloaded archive (Palindrome_CSharp and Palindrome_ASP.NET) in Visual Studio.

Consider a C# client which accesses the Java Web Service. Open the Palindrome_CSharp project in Visual Studio and run it. Remember GlassFish needs to be up and running with the Web Service deployed, for this to work.

Finally consider an ASP.NET page, using C# hosted on IIS, accessing the Java Web Service hosted on GlassFish. Open the Palindrome_ASP.NET project in Visual Studio and run it to achieve this.

Well, that's it. So we have used a Java Web Service in a Java client, JSP page, J2ME mobile device, C# console application and in an ASP.NET page.


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