Monday, February 23, 2009

Organizational Approach To SOA

SOA plays an important role in organizations. If an organization is starting fresh in terms of IT solutions, it can implement the concept of SOA directly.

The challenge comes up in those organizations that have existing applications and these applications being heterogeneous in nature. A typical organization can have ERP applications (SAP, Oracle), Java applications, .NET applications and LAMP applications. To avoid complex maintenance activities and address future requirements, organizations are taking the following steps -

  • Detailed study of applications
  • Creating services of common nature around these applications
  • Implementing new applications around these services as a SOA model

One of the key aspects on which organizations focus in terms of services is the Governance. Primary objective of SOA governance is tracking all the available services and ensuring controlled creation and avoiding duplicates. Typical organizations classify their services into -

  • Intranet (for internal usage)
  • Extranet (for the outside world, like Suppliers, Consumers, Banks, etc.)

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