Sunday, February 22, 2009

Service Oriented Architecture - Bringing Versatility To Business

According to a survey, a search made in Google for SOA would yield about 8 million entries. This clearly emphasizes the popularity and demand for SOA in today’s IT market.

Judging this huge demand for SOA, I decided to take up a short series of blog articles about SOA and how SOA can be implemented as a programmer.

Here are a few topics the subsequent blog-posts are going to cover -

  • The Philosophy of SOA
  • SOA - The Simplified Model
  • SOA - The Web Services Model
  • Composite services using SOA
  • Organizational approach to SOA
  • SOA Adapters

Finally, these are the live models that will be implemented -

  • JNI
  • Web Services

The presentation has been uploaded here and abstract has been uploaded here. The Web Services source codes are available here and the JNI source codes are available here.