Monday, February 23, 2009

The Philosophy Of SOA

SOA is not a product; instead it is an architectural approach for building solutions. SOA is primarily a concept of Service Providers and Service Consumers. SOA refers to the architectural style in which Service Consumers use the services offered by Service Providers. The essence of SOA lies in consumer centric behavior, and in ensuring that services can be located dynamically on need basis.

In any application, there are three parts - Front End, Business Logic and Persistence. In SOA they are mapped as below -

While SOA concepts are reasonably simple to understand and apply, they require a phased roadmap which takes some time. The vital starting phase of SOA is not technology but identifying the business-specific services in an organization.

Services are generally provided using concepts like -

  • Functions
  • APIs
  • Components
  • Web Services

The first three concepts, stated above are language dependent to a very large extent. However Web Services provide a language independent approach, and are one of the most popular approaches for SOA in today’s world.


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