Monday, February 23, 2009

SOA - Adapters, Benefits And The Future

SOA Adapters

Adapters are interfaces to connect to heterogeneous systems. Several vendors provide adapter solutions for creating web services around existing applications. Typical adapter solutions cover Database adapters, File (Local, FTP) adapters, ERP Application adapters, Polling adapters, etc.

Benefits Of SOA

  1. SOA offers business solutions across platforms
  2. It is location independent
  3. Search and connectivity to other services is dynamic
  4. Enhances reliability
  5. Leverages existing development skills
  6. Enhances ability to quickly meet customer demands
  7. Lower costs associated with acquisition of technology
  8. Leverages existing investments

What's Next?

  1. SOA and BPEL
  2. SOA Implementation using JBI and OpenESB
  3. SOA Integration Scenarios
  4. SOA and Integration Patterns/Frameworks
  5. Security, Scalability and Reliability of SOA Solutions
  6. Sun, IBM and Microsoft, etc., specific SOA offerings


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