Monday, March 02, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009 - Overview

After spending a few months as the campus ambassador of Osmania University, there came the "Sun Tech Days 2009". This year, Sun Tech Days in India was held at HICC (Hyderabad International Convention Centre), Hyderabad on 18th, 19th and 20th February 2009.

Though Sun Tech Days was conducted at my home town, Hyderabad for the past two years, I didn’t get an opportunity to attend it till now. However this year I decided to attend it at any cost.

I knew that it would be pretty boring to attend Sun Tech Days all alone. So I informed all my friends that Sun Tech Days was coming and encouraged them to attend it. Besides this, I spread the word about Sun Tech Days to all the students of my department so that the interested students would make it there.

Having registered myself online, I arrived at the venue along with my friends. As a few of them didn’t register before, we spent a little time getting ourselves registered. After completing a few formalities we collected our badges and the welcome kits. We eagerly entered the huge auditorium of HICC and there started the exciting journey of Sun Tech Days 2009.

There was a lot of technical content that was covered during the three days of Sun Tech Days. An overview of all the sessions which I attended is followed as a separate blog-post.

Like most of the developers, I had a vision of Sun Tech Days as a platform for geeks to discuss the technical advancements of Sun technology. However this expectation was a complete washout, seeing the recreational events presented as a part of Tech Days. They were very exciting and rejuvenated the enthusiasm of the crowd present there.

The food at the event was delicious. But the food hall was a big mess. I felt that managing the huge crowd during the lunch and snacks time became a very difficult task for the coordinators. It could have been managed better, probably by providing packed food or something like that.

The best part of Sun Tech Days was that every attendee was awarded with mementos - the first day we were given a travel bag and the second day we were given a Swiss knife.

I also got an opportunity to meet a lot of Campus Ambassadors from various colleges of the country. We set up a stall at Tech Days to publicize OSUM and I believe we did a pretty good job at it.

On a whole, I had a great time at Sun Tech Days 2009 and am eagerly waiting for Sun Tech Days 2010.