Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Infinity 2k9 - No Limits

February was a very hectic month for me - Sun Tech Days, TransITion and at the end of the month came Infinity 2k9 - No Limits.

Infinity is the prestigious tech fest of my department - Computer Science and Engineering. This year we celebrated Infinity on 27th and 28th February 2009.

The preparations of Infinity started in the month of January and went on till the D-day.

The event was mainly organized by the final year students with complete support from us, the third year students. In the beginning, I was given the responsibility of preparing the brochure. I knew it was very important for the brochure to look attractive, as it would be used for publicity at the companies and our sponsors would encourage us only if they found us and our brochure interesting.

On obtaining the final copy of the brochure, it was sent to all the 4th years for audit. After making the necessary changes and implementing all the improvement opportunities, we gave the final copy for printing and distributed it among all the companies and institutions we knew.

We got monetary support from companies like Adobe, Cognizant and LIC. Companies like Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft supported us in terms of gifts and prizes for the attendees and winners. We approached 93.5 SFM and it readily agreed to become the media partner for Infinity.

A few other students took up the tasks of preparing the posters and took care of the publicity. A few of my seniors started working on the web-site and got a wonderful web-site up and running in a very little time. You can check it out at - http://infinity2k9.uceou.edu/

As a part of the web-site we put in a web-page dedicated to S.O.U.R.C.E. Visit it at - http://infinity2k9.uceou.edu/source.html

The site had a summary of all the events that were to be conducted at the venue on the D-day and also several online-events for the participants.

The online events organized included -

  • Online Coding
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Code Analysis

The on-spot events organized on 27th and 28th included -

  • Paper Presentations
  • Project Presentations
  • Bug Mate
  • PC Medico
  • Bizz Quiz
  • Code Facsmile
  • Quiz IT
  • Adobe Hunt

We also conducted a Linux workshop where several tricks of trade with respect to the UNIX Operating System were discussed. This created a lot of enthusiasm in the students and cultivated an interest towards Open Source Software.

Showing our gratitude towards the sponsorship of Sun Microsystems Inc. we wrote about Sun and OSUM in the souvenir which was distributed to about 300 students.

As a part of the event we also conducted a small Java Quiz on the first day, where we distributed the question papers at the registration desk. The question paper had a total of 10 questions - 7 on Java and 3 on Sun Microsystems Inc. The question paper also publicized OSUM, so that more students would take interest in it and become a part of it.

We designed a drop-down box for the Quiz and installed it at the registration desk so that all the interested students would drop in their Quiz sheets there. There were around 150-200 participants for the quiz and at the end of the day we distributed pens and key-chains to the top 20 lucky winners.

The technical events of the second day were followed by a cultural evening. As a part of the entertainment show we had several dance shows, all performed by students of my department. The event also had wonderful Guitar performances which were very well supported by the lead singers.

The cultural night ended with a rock band, The Engraved Strings, which performed very well with the Jazz and the Guitars but the singing could have been much better.

On the whole Infinity 2k9 was a great success and a big mile-stone in the history of Osmania University - Computer Science and Engineering Department.

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