Monday, March 02, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009 - University Relations

As the campus ambassador of Osmania University, Sun Tech Days 2009 was a whole new experience.

All the campus ambassadors of India setup a stall named "University Relations" at Sun Tech Days 2009 to propagate OSUM. The first day I wasn’t aware of it, so couldn’t help the other CAs much. However when I came to know about it the second day, I decided to involve in it and do my part as a CA. We spoke to several students, explained them what the OSUM program is and what it has to offer the students.

There were several students who showed interest in the program and decided to join it. We also had an on-spot registration camp where we guided the students in joining OSUM. We also distributed prizes to the students in several competitions.

  • Every group created in those two days and having 25 members at the end of the second day won a prize
  • Hourly prizes for lucky students who registered at Sun Tech Days

We had around 200 registrations on the two days of Tech Days. But this was just the beginning of a chain reaction.

The most popular question asked at the stall was how to become a Sun Campus Ambassador. It was very pleasing to see students taking interest in Open Source and their willingness to participate in the CA program.

The third day (University Day), all the CAs of India had a meeting with Joe Hartley - Vice President (Global Government, Education & HealthCare). In the meeting we primarily focused on the progress of the CA program at our campuses. It was a pleasure meeting him in person.

The best part of Sun Tech Days was that I could meet a lot of CAs from various parts of the country. As I couldn’t attend the orientation programs held at Bangalore and Noida, this event gave me an opportunity to meet the other CAs and understand their work culture.

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