Monday, March 02, 2009

TransITion 09 - Service Oriented Architecture

Recently me and my friend, Roopak Bhartee participated in a paper presentation competition organized by Cognizant Technology Solutions - TransITion 09 conducted on 22nd February 2009.

We presented a paper on Service Oriented Architecture which covered topics like JNI and Java Web Services. Our topic was Service Oriented Architecture - Bringing Versatility to Business.

We were selected from our college to represent Osmania University at the event.

Our college received about 10-15 entries from various departments out of which 2 were selected and sent to the next level selection committee at CTS. There were 2 teams from around 14 colleges of Hyderabad, making a total of 28 teams. Out of these 28 teams, 10 teams were shortlisted. On the final day these 10 teams presented their paper amidst a huge crowd, out of which 2 teams were declared the final winners.

Our presentation mainly focused on

  • How existing C/C++ functions can be leveraged in Java
  • How Java web-services can be leveraged to create further Java applications (J2SE, J2EE and J2ME) and how the same Java web-service can be used in a ASP.Net page or a C# client

The topics covered in the presentation include -

  • Philosophy of SOA
  • SOA - The Simplified Model
  • SOA - The Web Services Model
  • Composite services using SOA
  • Organizational approach to SOA
  • SOA Adapters

The demos included in the presentation are -

  • JNI Using Java and C/C++
  • Web Services using Java, NetBeans and GlassFish

We won the second prize at the competition and were awarded a 30 GB iPod each. (Yup, 30 GB :)) Besides this, our victory made it to the college news-paper and we received accolades from everybody.

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