Saturday, April 04, 2009

HeadStart 09 - Globalized Solutions

Recently me and my friend, G Sunil Kumar gave a presentation at Head Start 09, the tech-fest of Chaithanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT).

Our topic was Globalized Solutions - Breaking the Barriers of Language, which primarily concentrated on the Internationalization support provided by Java.

The presentation mainly focused on

  • The need for Globalized Solutions
  • How Java supports Internationalization

The topics covered in the presentation were -

  • The case for Globalized Solutions
  • Globalization terms
  • Application Internationalization
  • Internationalizing Java Desktop, Web and Mobile applications
  • Translation and Transliteration
  • Persistence Internationalization

The demos shown during the presentation were -

  • Creating a Java Desktop Application
  • Creating a Java Web Application
  • Creating a Java Mobile Application

On a whole, we could reach out to the crowd and explain them, why multi-lingual applications are important and showed them how to create their own multi-lingual applications.

And as they say in Internationalization - bye, au revoir, Tschüss :) until my next blog-post.

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