Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MySQL Clustering - Technology Summary

The demo framework not only showcases the MySQL capability but also demonstrates a variety of Sun Technologies and Industry Standard Interfaces.

The implementation has been modular so that the demo can be downsized but still the features can be demonstrated.

The various components that have been utilized are listed below -

  • Hardware: Intel Quad Core Desktop with 4GB RAM
  • Virtualization: Sun VirtualBox
  • Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Fedora Linux, OpenSolaris
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web Servers: GlassFish and Internet Information Services
  • IDEs: NetBeans and Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Web Service Layer: Java API for XML Web Services
  • Front End GUI: Java Swing, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Web Java Server Faces, Java Micro Edition, C# and ASP.NET

Download the entire project here.