Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MySQL Clustering - Project Backdrop

Industry Association Program

To provide students with an exposure to industry practices and work environment, Osmania University started the Industry Association Program (IAP), as a part of the curriculum, wherein the third year students are encouraged to work in a professional organization.

As a part of IAP, we (J. Kamala Ramya, K. Laxman Bharadwaj and me) had been assigned to Sun Microsystems Inc.

Organization Profile

Sun Microsystems Inc. is a multi-national vendor of several software and hardware products. The Headquarters of Sun Microsystems is at Santa Clara, California, United States. It has branches in several countries covering APAC, America and Europe.

Its contribution to the field of hardware has been marvelous, especially with the SPARC architecture.

Sun has several software products to its credit, which include Solaris, Star Office, VirtualBox, MySQL, etc. The most significant contribution of Sun Microsystems to the field of computers and electronics has been the "Java programming language", which is widely used in several devices, which include computers and mobile phones.

Sun is a big supporter of Open Systems and is one of the major contributors of Open Source Software.

Project Identification

Our initial interactions with Sun Team was to identity a task which would benefit Sun as an organization and for us to improve capability and be industry ready after our BE course.

After evaluating various product lines and discussions with Sun Team, a decision was made in concurrence with Sun Team to focus on a Demo Framework which would showcase MySQL capabilities and how it would interface with various layers in a typical application environment.

After the $1 billion acquisition of MySQL, Sun has been actively propagating the product to its clients. It was felt that a demo framework encompassing standard frontend interfaces, standard database interfaces and standard database functionality would help the clients to make a knowledgeable assessment of the product.

The demo suite proposed was expected to cover the replication features of MySQL to demonstrate how MySQL can fit in a complete commercial application involving various layers like - Databases, Business Logic and GUI.


0s0-Pa said...

In what year was the IAP established?
-Jack @ Professional Association Software

Gautam Muduganti said...

IAP was started in 2001 for my college

Robert said...

Hey wonderful! Nice to see that your college has such a wonderful IAP. But I thought you could have done something big when associated with Sun. Even my company has IAP with leading universities across the world. I saw your other apps. But you lack finishing your applications. There are many flaws in your apps. Try and correct them!

Robert said...

Hey I can't give you the company details on terms of our company policies. We are a group of passionate youngsters working together to build an identity for ourselves. We have our base in Hawai. We are looking for someone who can work for our firm in India. Well, also send me which programming languages you are good at. We work in Java, are you comfortable with Java? Also we need you to form a small team in India, and handle our operations there. We would not be able to pay you initially but in due course you would hold the venture independently in India. Please even give us your contact details.
Robert Dsouza

Umang Sharma said...

hey Dude, I am Umang Sharma from MSRIT Bangalore..
have you done project on Database Replication in a network or in a Grid?
if yes can u help me on that?

Gautam Muduganti said...

Hi Umang!

We did the replication using a network.