Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Globalized Solutions - Breaking The Barriers Of Language

Many Software Organizations today are looking at expanding their product sales, solutions and services towards emerging markets. Instead of relying on only the traditional US markets essentially dominated by the English language, companies have increased their focus on expanding business in language sensitive countries like European Union, China, India etc., One of the main criteria in reaching to these markets is to understand their culture and deliver products in their native language.

In such a scenario and also in falling job markets, specialized skills become important and knowledge of Internationalization of Applications would be one such key skill. This series of blog posts provides approaches for quick learning and building this capability.

Various techniques like Translation and Internationalization are applied with respect to communication, document reading and Application Development.

Internationalization provides a mechanism of simplifying the requirement of locale-specific applications, without losing the existing big English speaking markets like US, UK, etc. Developers can leverage programming languages like Java which internally support Internationalization for various desktop, web and mobile applications.

View the entire paper here and the presentation here. Download the sample applications here.

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