Saturday, August 01, 2009

Industry Association Program

To provide students with an exposure to industry practices and work environment, Osmania University started the Industry Association Program (A.K.A Industry Attachment Program, Summer Internship Program), as a part of the curriculum.

Under the IAP, the third year students are encouraged to work in a professional organization or a R&D organization to help students get acquainted with industry practices and the work environment.

Several government and private organization have been assisting the IAP for the past eight years and students of Osmania University have benefited immensely from the program.

This year, Sun Microsystems Inc. has extended its cooperation in the program and helped a lot of students get introduced to the work culture of corporate organizations.

There were 18 students working on 6 different projects, each executed by 3 students. Several technologies of Sun like OpenSolaris, MySQL, NetBeans, etc. were utilized in the development of these projects.

We are extremely grateful and express our profound gratitude and indebtedness to the entire Sun team for their constant support and inspiring guidance, throughout the IAP.

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