Saturday, August 01, 2009

Projects Galore At Osmania University

The month of May was a very critical month, filled with exams and lab assignments. The second year students (presently third year) were encouraged to submit a miniature project displaying their skill in Java, as a part of the curriculum.

Initially, the idea of motivating students to build their miniature projects was crafted by Mr. Hameed, a faculty member of my college.

The students worked on their projects under the guidance of the faculty, with support from the college management and S.O.U.R.C.E. All the labs were equipped with NetBeans to make project development easy.

There were 11 groups, each consisting of 5 members, and thereby 11 different projects. The projects included different applications like -

  1. Media Player
  2. Movie Ticketing Application
  3. Download Manager
  4. Beat Box

And many more.

After completion of the projects, each team gave a presentation about their project showcasing their theme and the methodology of implementation.

Overall, the entire concept was a huge success and the students gained a lot of exposure to the Java programming language.

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