Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cloud Computing Demystified

After a two months summer vacation, my college reopened the previous month. With the already hectic schedule involving placements and strenuous classes, we (the fourth year students) were also asked to start our preparation for the final semester projects. :(

We were asked to pursue our projects in various domains like Grid Computing, Distributed Systems, Image Processing, etc. with the help of the faculty. Cloud Computing was one of these domains.

Realizing that cloud computing is an activity topic in the campus ambassador program and understanding that most of my classmates were new to this domain, I decided to present a small presentation giving an introduction on cloud computing to my classmates.

With the support from the faculty of my college, a concise presentation covering the basics of cloud computing was presented on 10th August.

The presentation covered the following topics -

  • The Basics of Cloud Computing
  • A Brief History of Cloud Computing
  • Various delivery mechanisms of Cloud Computing like Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Data as a Service

As the target audience for the presentation was primarily the final year students, we had around 50 students participating in the seminar.

At the end we provided a link to the Sun’s white paper on Cloud Computing - "Introduction to Cloud Computing Architecture" for the audience to get a better grasp on the domain -

Check out the photos at

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