Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vocabulary 02

  • Accretion - A gradual increase in the amount or size of something
    There was an accretion in the balloon when it was attached to the cylinder.
  • Acquisitive - Characterized by a strong desire to gain or retain information
    My friend was acquisitive about Greek mythology.
  • Acrid - Harsh or bitter taste or smell
    The cough syrup given to me had an acrid taste.
  • Acute - Sharp; quick and precise; intense
    A calculator is an acute device for calculations.
  • Adhere - To stick fast; to remain in support of
    The wood pieces started to adhere after applying glue.
  • Adjacent - In the nearest position; next to
    I was standing adjacent to my favorite actor in the audio release.
  • Adroit - Showing skill and experience
    The scientist is adroit in nuclear technology.
  • Aesthete - One with an excessive sensibility to beauty
    The painting was appreciated by a famous aesthete.
  • Aesthetic - Appeals to the senses because it is beautiful
    The Taj Mahal is very aesthetic.
  • Affinity - Natural attraction; inherent similarity
    Ants have a great affinity towards sugar.

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