Thursday, October 05, 2006


This topic is related to one of the most important things of computers - Backups. It's always advisable to take backups of your important data as a computer is always at the risk of losing data because of viruses, crashes, etc. Further while upgrading between Operating Systems, it's important to take backup of our critical data.

There are several devices for taking backups such CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB Drives, etc. A typical USB drive of 1GB comes at around Rs.1500 which is a good investment for storing data. However this is generally used for a temporary backup.

For a permanent backup, we can use CDs and DVDs. Also Rewritable CDs and DVDs are available but they cost more than the Non-Rewritable ones. For larger backups, we can even store the entire hard disk. This is generally used in offices where such backups are required.

Before I conclude I would like to know how many of you take Backups. Please send in your comments.

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