Monday, October 23, 2006

Vocabulary 01

  • Abate - To reduce or lessen
    The government has decided to abate the taxes on the people.
  • Aberration - A deviation or departure from the norm
    Because of the aberration the reading of the microscope could not be taken properly.
  • Abeyance - A temporary inactivity or suspension
    My computer was in a state of abeyance when I overloaded it with programs.
  • Abjure - To forswear or abstain from; to give up
    The company abjured the effort to get the contract after it realized that it was not worth it.
  • Abrade - To wear down or erode
    The iron piece started to abrade as soon as it came in contact with the liquid.
  • Abrogate - To end or do away with something
    Because of health problems my friend abrogated non vegetarian food.
  • Abridge - To shorten or reduce
    The teacher gave an abridged version of the story when she felt that the students would not be able to read it entirely in time.
  • Abscond - To withdraw and hide, typically to avoid arrest
    The criminal absconded after he killed an old man.
  • Absurd - Extremely ridiculous or completely lacking reason
    The student gave an absurd reason, when the teacher asked him a reason why he didn’t come the previous day.
  • Abysmal - Very profound or deep; very bad
    My performance in the internals was abysmal.

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