Tuesday, January 06, 2009

OSUM - Truly Awesome

OSUM (Open Source University Meetup) is a global community of students that are passionate about "Free and Open Source Software". It was started in September 2008, and as of today it is a 39000 member community.

OSUM holds its ground, both as physical groups in various institutions and as a social network in the form of a social networking site, at http://osum.sun.com/

Osmania University is also a major contributor to the social network, in the form of the S.O.U.R.C.E group which takes care of all the on-campus events and a major community at OSUM, at http://osum.sun.com/group/osmaniauniversityosumsource/

The group mainly takes care of all the events at the Osmania University campus, which includes Tech-Sessions, Install-Fests, Competitions, etc.

The social community of Osmania University at OSUM consists of all the students interested and supportive of various events that happen at Osmania University.

The best part of OSUM lies in the fact that it can be totally customized to the taste of the user. As a part of OSUM, every student is given his/her own page, which can be modified to the max. Further OSUM also holds the capability for the student to add photos and videos of his/her choice.

Also, every profile has a blog attached to it where the student can add in blog posts, and share experiences with people across the world.

Well, besides all this, OSUM was started almost at the same time I joined Sun, and I am really happy to see its growth right from the beginning.

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