Tuesday, January 06, 2009

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Free and Open Source Software

Free and Open Source Software is software which is liberally licensed to grant users, the right to study, change and improve its design through the availability of its source code. This approach has gained both momentum and acceptance as the potential benefits have been increasingly recognized by both individuals and corporate players.

Sun Microsystems Inc.

Sun Microsystems Inc. is a multinational vendor of computer components, computer software and information technology services.

Its contribution to field of hardware has been marvelous, especially with its SPARC architecture.

Sun has several software products to its credit, which include Solaris, StarOffice, VirtualBox, MySQL and several others.

And the most significant contribution of Sun Microsystems to the field of computers and electronics has been the "Java programming language", which is widely used in several devices, which include computers and mobile phones.


As the leading supporter of Open Source, Sun Microsystems Inc. has established the OSUM (Open Source University Meetup), where people from all the corners of the world, interact to form a passionate community of students.

The site also concentrates on the fact that Open Source is changing (Y)our world and we need to be a part of that community.

Several groups and forums discuss and debate various topics concerning FOSS and contribute to the growing community of Open Source, here at OSUM.


S.O.U.R.C.E is the open source group of Osmania University, which strives to propagate open source technology across the campus, and spread the awareness of free and open source software, along with its benefits.

It plays a major role in spreading SUN technologies in the college in the form of tech sessions and install fests. It also holds up the spirit of FOSS among the students by conducting competitions and contests regularly.

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