Thursday, January 29, 2009

NetBeans 6.5 - Explore Practically

Following the NetBeans session on 24th January, we also conducted a small lab session the same day, where we provided the students with a lab and allowed them to explore the various features of NetBeans.

As the tech session conducted that day was an introductory session on NetBeans, we didn’t stress much on a specific project or language at the lab. Instead we allowed students to download NetBeans 6.5 from our local Sun Server and install it on the system. We also allowed them to configure Cygwin by providing them with a copy of Cygwin tools.

Besides this, they also tried a few C, C++ and Java programs depending on their interest. After the lab session, the students were confident that they could install NetBeans at their systems at home and start working with it. Besides this we also put up step-by-step guides for the students to install NetBeans 6.5 and configure C, C++ and PHP in NetBeans, just in case somebody has any problem installing it.

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