Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Qt - UI (User-Interface) Designing

Technically UI design refers to the design of computers, applications and websites with the focus on the users experience and interaction. There are several tools for UI design.

  • Windows API specific to only Microsoft Windows. This is achieved by primarily including “windows.h” and using its functions to create windows
  • Java and Swing. The Swing package of Java can be used to create any UI required. However the entire Swing package is based on Java, and to run any of these windows, a JVM is required

Coming to UNIX, several toolkits have been designed for the X Window System. The most popular of them being -

  • GTK+, standing for “The GIMP Toolkit” - Examples of applications using this is the GIMP, Terminal and others
  • Qt, pronounced as cute

The KDE desktop environment is built on Qt. And the GNOME (GNU Object Model Environment) desktop environment is built on GTK+.

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