Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Qt - Conclusion

Strengths of Qt

The resource editor of Qt is very powerful. The message loop of Qt can be coded manually, unlike several other widget toolkits. It has a powerful layout manager to simplify work.

Qt consists of several powerful features such as Controls, XML, Regular Expressions, Platform Independence, Template classes, memory management, Network API, Database API, OpenGL API. It also has a very good documentation, both online and offline.

Future of Qt

Qt aims at further simplification of UI designing for various platforms. It is now concentrating on extending itself to embedded systems such as mobile phones and PDAs.

Better services are expected for music, video, television, imaging, games and business mobility for mobile devices with the help of Qt. Better cross-platform independence is to be achieved and further extension of Qt into other languages is expected.

Qt Designer

Qt Designer is a GUI based Qt programming tool to make UI programming simpler. It is based on the concept of dialogs which is further built on XML.

Several looks can be previewed using it like Motif, Windows, etc. Simplifies the concept of Signals And Slots using GUI. Supports creation of complex widgets and user-defined slots.

Download the entire presentation here.

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