Thursday, November 05, 2009

Oracle Forms

I recently gave a presentation on "Oracle Forms" - a feature of the Oracle developer suite which helps GUI designers to quickly design screens to facilitate easy insertion, deletion, update and query of tables in a database.

The third years were asked to learn about Oracle forms for their final examination. I decided to take this opportunity to talk about it.

Oracle Forms runs on Java containers and the GUI is presented in the form of Java applets to the user. The Java container is known as "Oracle Container for Java (OC4J)" in the Oracle Forms architecture.

The presentation was given on 21st October which was followed by a live demo which emphasized how an Oracle form is created and how is it run with the help of Java containers.

The presentation covered the following topics -

  • Introduction to Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Forms Architecture
  • Single Block Forms
  • Master Detail Forms
  • List Of Values
  • Non-base table fields
  • Triggers
  • Troubleshooting

The presentation was followed by live demos covering -

  • Single Block Forms
  • Master Detail Forms
  • List Of Values

The session concluded with emphasize on technologies like JSPs, Servlets, JDBC, etc. which are swiftly replacing Oracle Forms because of their customizability.

As the target audience for the presentation was primarily the third year students, we had around 40 students participating in the presentation.

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