Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three Years Of Vivacious Blogging

It’s been three years I started this blog and wrote my first article.

With a great apprehension on my mind whether I can write public articles or not, I took a bold step and began my online endeavor on 21st September 2006. To describe my blogging experience till today in one line, I would call it a "Roller Coaster Ride" - filled with twists and twirls, but on a whole, exciting and exuberant.

Like any blogger, my biggest question was "What to write in my blog?" Initially I was clueless and wrote all kinds of articles ranging from my personal experiences to casual stories. But as time progressed I realized my strength and decided to make this a technical web-log. (Yes, I know I am violating my principle with this blog-post :P).

From then my life became simpler and the number of my blog-posts increased. As time progressed, several technical topics like "Play-Station Emulators", "The Towers of Hanoi" and "w32.USBWorm" were emphasized in my blog. My blog became a focus point of various presentations I gave in these years. Presentations like "Service Oriented Architecture", "Globalised Solutions" and "Programming with Qt" were highlighted.

As time moved on, I became the Sun Campus Ambassador of my college. Then I started a new blog at I stuck to my resolution of making this a technical blog and continued my technical articles here and wrote my personal experiences in the other blog. Topics like "NetBeans" and "OpenSolaris" became a part of my blog after this.

On a whole, there are 85 blog-posts on this blog and 22 blog-posts on my Sun blog till date.

I am sure a lot of you are thinking "Who visits this blog?" I also used to contemplate over this question a lot. Then on 8th September 2009 I took a daring decision, decided to track my blog and signed up at Google Analytics. I was shocked by the results. From September 8th to September 23rd (16 days), my blog had 470 visits with 761 page-views. The visitors had a massive geographical diversity, spread across 42 countries, 112 cities and covering all the continents. As Google Analytics results cannot be displayed, I put a ClustrMap here for the visitors to see, so do check it out if you would like to view the regional diversity of the visitors of the blog.

If you are a blogger like me, do sign-up for Google Analytics, you will be surprised by the results. For more details have a look at my previous post.

During these three years I was fortunate to see the blogs of several of my friends come up and it was very exciting to read their magnificent articles. So I decided to create a network of these blogs here, do check them out after you finish reading this article.

It would be inappropriate to end this blog-post without thanking everybody who encouraged me to start this blog and contributed to this blog with their constant feedback and guidance.

Thanking them from the bottom of my heart and hoping more and more blog-posts come up here, Adios, Au Revoir, Sayonara and Good bye till my next blog-post.


raghuveer said...

Its gr8 ra though I started blogging almost the same time as u did I dint do that regularly.As its a technical blog I rarely come this way :P but I knw the stuff u write is helping a lot out der so keep it going dude !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Work!!!

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Great to see you experiences. I hope I retain your enthusiasm as I continue my blog.