Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Java 2 Micro Edition - Virtual Machines

A virtual machine is the immediate layer overlying the operating system and is mainly responsible for running any program written in Java. This is the main reason that codes written in Java are highly portable. The virtual machine interprets the Java byte-code and converts into native system calls. Further as every program runs in the confinement of the virtual machine, no penetration is possible into the operation system, reducing the risk of viruses.

J2ME offers two different virtual machines, namely CVM (for higher end mobile devices) and KVM (for lower end mobile devices). CVM is used for devices which have higher memory capabilities and which are closer to computers whereas KVM is used for devices which have lower memory capabilities, such as mobile phones. KVM and CVM are primarily nothing but the subset of JVM. They can be thought as just shrunken versions of the JVM and are more specific to J2ME.

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