Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vocabulary 03

  • Aggrandize - To extend or exaggerate
    The media always tries to aggrandize any news it gets.
  • Alienate - To isolate oneself from others or another person from oneself
    After finding that Ramu was a thief, he was alienated by all his friends.
  • Amalgamate - To merge or combine into a single thing
    The two companies were amalgamated as they were not functioning properly.
  • Ambiguous - Unclear or capable of having more than one meaning
    It was ambiguous what the lawyer was trying to prove in the court.
  • Ambivalent - Characterized by uncertainty; unable to decide between opposites
    The jury was ambivalent when it was asked to choose the winners.
  • Ameliorate - To enhance or improve something
    After the company had been taken over, it was ameliorated by the new CEO.
  • Amenable - Responsive to suggestion; willing
    My boss was amenable to the suggestion I made.
  • Amiable - Friendly and pleasant
    The students of my class were amiable to me when I first met them.
  • Amortize - To reduce gradually over a period of time
    The prices of Televisions have amortized from the past 10 to 15 years.
  • Anachronistic - Out of order; chronologically misplaced
    The death of the king was anachronistic in the textbook.

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