Monday, September 25, 2006

Movie Reviews

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Anonymous said...

I saw recently Alag. A good start but a stupid ending.

abhishek said...

CHIRU is at his best but............

Stalin has hit the screens witha huge image of megastar.All was good .chiru was rocking, cute trisha, good story, good direction but very very bad screen play had made this movie an average film.In a try to maintaing his image writers have made the script poor.
Good story has suffered a bad screen play.dances were not so impressive.Totally it was a average movie.
But the concept was innovative and whch can be followed too.The main message of the story was to help three and in return ask them to help another three members individually.Its simple in its way.Its great that chiru is using his fan following to spread good.But every thought shuld have good effort to bring it to the people.
First half of the movie has been used to lift his image u can expect how it can be.Second half of the movie was good.In all it was 3hr chiru movie and to be noted only chiru.No other character has importance except of Stalin.
Chirus broad structure has not helped him dance to the tunes of MANI.To tell frankly not all songs were good.
By spending lot on casting and sets his brother has shown that it was ahigh budget movie.He was so mad in presenting movie richly that he evan din't that why should he cast big artists for small roles?

However, Stalin is all-powerful, and needs no brains to handle the crisis – he can just beat up any number of goons. The last fight sees him single-handedly beat up about 200 (no exaggeration) armed and well-built goons. The last people we knew capable of that lived circa 3000BC, and all fought in the Mahabharata war.

Now dont get shocked that it had mother-daughetr sentiments(which were too boring) and a heroine who almost looks like the daughter of the hero(i am not joking).A nandi can be given this time to this movie which has a variety cast(no one fitting for their roles except chiru).

I suggest that if you back chiru for his every act evan though it is bad then see whole movie but if u want real message buy half of the ticket(if possible) and watch second half.

By the way title of the movie was powerful but naming a message oriented film they have choosen the man who killed nearly 14 million people.Is it not strange.

All the small things were given importance but the big picture got blasted at box office.

An unusual thing which is even out of movie standards was beating up nearly 200 people and to get rid of many goons by his powerful shots before a lift travels from ground floor to 6th floor(that is nearly 20 secs).

On the whole, Stalin might have been a landmark film with more focus, thought, and care for small things. It still has the potential to impact several people, simply because of Chiranjeevi’s reach and appeal.

Atleast now Chiru has to realise that mass movies doesn.t work allthe time.Please give chance to young talented script writers who can present him in a new way and please....please....follow what directors say.Give chance to young directors who dream to work with him.

Its ur wish that u watch or let the movie walk off the theatres but spread the message of

Anonymous said...

i saw recently lageraho munnabhai it is quite good n quite boring